Happy weekend guys, I hope you’ve all been well! I need to apologise for going missing for the past month and not uploading any blog posts, life did its thing and got in the way! I feel like I definitely need to update you on where I have been and why I haven’t been writing any posts for this past month! I will keep this post super short though because not too much has happened since I uploaded my Bourjois Healthy Mix Review , but I do still owe you a little catch-up! Plus one exciting thing did happen whilst I was gone which I will get to later in the post.

I recently got a job, which has taken up quite a lot of my time and I’m not very good at juggling multiple things at once, which is why I decided to push pause on my blog.That being said, I have really missed sitting on my sofa with Netflix on in the background, writing blog posts, it’s something that makes me happy and I’m glad to be back! I’m finally attempting to juggle my job and blog whilst still having a life – hopefully it works out!

Whilst I was absent from my blog something very exciting happened this week – my boyfriend graduated!! He is now an official actuarial science graduate, how professional does that sound ay! It’s been so nice to see all his hard work pay off and he now has one very proud girlfriend! It has definitely made me very excited for my graduation next year (if I pass that is, ha!), but also very nervous because I will be an official adult with loads more responsibilities and I will have to find an actual job to start off my career…eek!



Anyway I hope you’re all having a great summer so far, the weather here in England has gone downhill quite drastically, it’s basically raining all day every day (sad face), so my summer is already pants, great, thanks England. Besides my summer blues, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer whatever you’re up to and I will back with a whole new blog post tomorrow for you guys!


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