A Day of Amazing Food: Mum’s Birthday

I love food and I love birthdays too. It was my mum’s birthday last week, so we made a visit and had a fabulous day. The food was amazing and the company, well that was alright I guess! Ha! I really enjoy going back home to visit my mum, it is always a pleasure and always end up stuffing my face with far too much food – what are mums like ay!

So we started our journey from Surbiton and it took us around an hour and half to get to Tonbridge. As it was my mum’s birthday it was her choice on where to go to eat and we ended up having our lunch in the newly opened tearoom called The Earl Grey and our dinner in the Turkish restaurant Havet. Both of which were fabulous, so if you live near Tonbridge or in Kent I highly recommend checking out both places and you will be thanking me later!

The Earl Grey is a really cute little tearoom, with its Victorian theme and classical music you are truly taken back in time. This place really took me by surprise, it’s on a very busy high-street and from the outside it doesn’t look much, but as soon as you step inside you instantly feel happier as the music and decor just uplift your mood. There are plenty of beautifully designed teapots and teacups on display and everything, from the table and chairs to the teacups and saucers are mismatched, which is a subtle detail I love! The atmosphere is very pleasant and the staff members made us feel comfortable straight away, they’re really chatty and bubbly!


The menu was also really great, they sell breakfast and lunch meals for reasonable prices! I ordered a bacon, brie and cranberry panini (I can never say no to brie), with a pot of peppermint tea and it was bloody delicious. The panini was the perfect size and it came with a side salad and some homemade slaw – A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! There were endless options on the menu and they also had gluten-free alternatives which is a bonus for some people! The tea was loose leaf and it was really tasty, peppermint tea is by far my favourite herbal tea and if you’ve never tried it I urge you to now!


Lunch didn’t stop there. They had about 5 homemade cakes on the counter and they all looked yummy, after going back and forth and asking for advice we all opted for the carrot cake! It was very moist (ew, hate that word!) and basically very very very delicious (I’ll try to stop using that same word, but how else do you describe good food?!)! I really have to recommend checking out The Earl Grey, either for a weekend breakfast or for a spot of lunch and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!



So lunch was fab, but dinner was even better! Little fact about me: I’m half Turkish, so whenever I hear about a Turkish restaurant I have to go and visit because the food is always going to be amazing! I have been to Havet on multiple occasions and it’s actually my favourite Turkish restaurant I’ve tried in England, the prices are very reasonable and the staff are all very chatty and pleasant. It’s also quite a modern restaurant, the interior is decorated in turquoise, grey and marble work tops  – what a perfect combo right?! The interior of a restaurant is important, you would definitely assume that it is an expensive restaurant if it is your first visit.


Their menu has so many options; the starters are amazing and if you’re in a big group defo try out some meze, get a few different cold and hot ones and share them between you all! For starter, me and Calum got some Lahmacun, which is a Turkish pizza with a layer of mince, onions and parsley and is served with raw onions and lemon. Sounds abit ordinary, but again trust me it’s fabulous! I could easily just order a few meze dishes and have that as a meal, but then I wouldn’t get to stuff my face with a main meal!


The Lahmacun.

The mains are equally amazing, far too many options to choose from which is probably why I always go for the same thing when I go there, which is the iskender. I’m not the best at describing things, but you pick your choice of meat (lamb doner/lamb adana/shish kotfe/chicken adana) which is layered on top of toasted herb croutons and a homemade tomato sauce and topped with some yogurt, roasted peppers and tomatoes. Now to some people that sounds gross, but trust me it’s sooo delicious and it is totally worth it – just make sure you’re having a cheat day when you go there!



This was a slightly different post to the ones I usually post, but I am a huge food lover and I thought it would be useful to post some good places to go and eat in Kent. Even if you can’t get to these restaurant, I urge you to find a local Turkish RESTAURANT (NOT KEBAB SHOP) and have a lovely meal! Regardless of those things, I hope I didn’t make you too hungry and I hope you enjoyed this post! I will be back with a new post on Sunday.

Photos taken by myself and from Havet’s/The Earl Grey’s Facebook pages.


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