My Hair Essentials

I always get compliments on my hair and I never truly understand why, but if that’s the case then the products I use are obviously working. I have quite a long list of hair essentials, my hair is thick and coarse so it requires quite a lot of attention everyday. Every single products that I mention in this post helps my hair to look healthy, smooth and shiny for up to 4 days. I haven’t mentioned any dry shampoos in this post because I’m still on the hunt for one I like, so if you have any recommendations feel free to leave a comment down below and I will check them out!

SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER. A good shampoo and conditioner is essential to make sure your hair looks clean and healthy, as well as your diet obviously. I have used so many different ones and I do like to change it up every couple of months, but Herbal Essences has always been one of my favourite brands. I’ve been using their ‘naked’ range for a while now and I really enjoy it, especially this ‘Daily Detox Clean’ one. Your hair feels so much cleaner and it makes a good base for any other products you wish to apply. The conditioner is super creamy and really helps to nourish the ends of your hair, your hair feels really soft and has a natural shine to it once it’s styled. The scent is also really refreshing and makes your bathroom smell amazing afterwards! IMG_6053


Herbal Essences Raspberry and Mint Shampoo // £3.99


Herbal Essences Raspberry and Mint Conditioner // £3.99


SERUM. My hair is absolutely crazy, it can go insanely frizzy if I don’t use a serum on it. Since I’ve learnt how to properly style my own hair, I have used a large amount of serums, some pricey and some cheap. I actually picked this one up in the airport on my way to Tenerife because I forgot to bring my one and it’s honestly the best thing I have ever used on my hair. I go over-board and use about 10 pumps of it and only apply it to the lengths of my hair, it tames the frizz and gives it a shiny and healthy finish. If you have thick and crazy hair like mine I really recommend giving this a go!





Frizz-Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects+ Serum // £6.99




OILS. As well as serums, hair oils are an essential part of my hair routine. I have really thick and coarse hair, so I need a product that will nourish it and make it look as healthy as it can. I’ve only recently started using oils on my hair, I was initially too afraid in case it would make it look greasy, but actually it’s just what my hair needed. The Josh Wood Treatment Oil is another product I received in my M&S Advent Calendar and it’s a little gem! It’s quite a thick oil, but it’s not heavy at all! It makes your hair feel really soft and adds a beautiful shine, which is especially noticeable when you straighten your hair. The Nuxe Dry Oil is so useful for adding an extra oompph to second or third day hair, you know when it starts to look a bit gross but you can’t be bothered to wash it yet! I love adding this to styled hair, just to the ends and it adds a beautiful smell and an instant shine. IMG_6077




Josh Wood Hair Treatment Oil // £12.50







Nuxe Multi-Purpose Dry Oil 50ml // £17




CREAM. As I said before I have really thick and coarse hair, which means I get split ends all the time. This product is the only thing I have ever used which prevents split ends, I don’t know how it does it but it does and I love it! It’s a bit on the pricey side, but if you get as many split ends as I do it is so so worth it, trust me! It’s a thick cream which you apply to the ends of damp hair and then it works its magic – it’s literally magic! IMG_6070



ghd Advanced Split End Therapy // £19.95




MASK. I think everyone should have a mask that they love, something that you use on your hair for an instant boost! There are a few hair masks that I really enjoy, but this one is super luxurious and really does an amazing job! This really helps to improve your hairs strength, shine and softness! It’s definitely a mask that everyone should try at least once, it you have quite brittle or lifeless hair this mask will solve that problem for sure! Again this product is on the pricey side, but if you’ve tried everything and your hair is still in a bad way give this a go! You can blame me if IMG_6061you don’t approve!




Philip Kingsley Elasticizer // £31



HAIR DRYER. I personally don’t often use a hair dryer, I prefer to let it air dry. I mostly wash my hair in the evenings, so I let it air dry for a bit, french plait it and sleep on it. If I want to straighten my hair, I then use a hair dryer to blow dry my hair straight before I go in with straighteners. Blow drying your hair adds volume to your roots, which my hair needs if I’m straightening it. This hair dryer isn’t anything fancy, but it does the job well: it has three heat settings and a cool air button too, which helps to get a smooth appearance after you’ve completely dried your hair. IMG_6101



Remington Ionic Dryer // £44.99





STRAIGHTENER. I’m pretty sure everyone has tried ghd straighteners before. In my opinion they are the best out there, I have tried other brands but they don’t give me the polished look I want. If you want straight hair you want proper straightness without any frizz, right? These straighteners were a birthday present a couple years ago and unfortunately they were limited edition, but I have added the link to the ghd website where you can browse their IMG_6095other straighteners.



ghd V Coral Pink Hair Straightener (limited edition)




CURLER. I do have naturally curly hair, but it’s that frizzy curly that looks like a jungle and is all over the place. Not cute! I have tried out a couple curlers in the past that haven’t managed to keep a curl in my hair for longer than 10 minutes. I think with thick hair it’s really difficult to find a curler that produces elegant curls that last in your hair throughout the day. I got these ghd curlers for Christmas and I am in love with them! They are so so good and the curls last all day – how amazing is that? They are pricey, but maybe you could ask for them for a birthday or Christmas present? They are really worth it, you get really elegant curls that hold! The wand heats up super quick and I just curl each section for about 10-15 seconds, which gives a loose and pretty curl. IMG_6088




ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand // £120




I hope you enjoyed this post, if you have any hair recommendations yourself please leave a comment down below and I will give them a go!


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