My Pick of the Best Series’ to Watch

So if you’re like me and love to binge on a good old series, you will enjoy this post. I should probably spend less time enjoying myself and more time doing some uni work, but where’s the fun in that? Over the past couple of years I have completed far too many series’; some good, some meh. But in this post I will share my top ten favourite series’!

WARNING: Just a heads up, I have tried my best not to include ones you’ve probably heard of hundreds of times, but if they were good I can’t help it!

Okay, so lets start with an easy-going one. One Tree Hill – my all time favourite series, I was addicted to this when I was about 11, which probably a little young but no harm done. It’s an easy watch, doesn’t require a lot of thinking and it is addictive. A summary in four words: love, life, basketball and teen drama!I’m not going to give anything away, you just need to watch it to understand how good it is! You can thank me later when the theme song is stuck in your head 24/7!


Next up, Pretty Little Liars. Before you skip this paragraph completely let me just explain. I did not give into the hype straight away, I was never really interested in watching it even
though I heard so many people rave on and on about it. Last October I found myself bored, I had finished my assignments for the time being and needed some thing to watch, so I opened up Netflix and Pretty Little Liars was staring at me on the ‘Trending Now’
selection. I gave in and I completed it within 3months – the whole 6 and a bit series! Now that should tell you something. It’s full of suspense, mystery, plot twists, romance, hatred –  it’s not what I expected it to be in the slightest! It’s also not a ‘girly’ show at all, the name would suggest otherwise but trust me on this one!


Suits. I could literally recommend you watch this just to stare at Harvey Specter, but that would be inappropriate (not!). Suits is like something I’ve never watched before, but I immediately got sucked in and got addicted (a current theme running through this post). It’s very easy to watch and you fall in love with all the characters individually. So without giving too much away it’s basically about a guy who pretends that he’s a qualified lawyer, he is an amazing lawyer but he didn’t manage to get a qualification. Over the six series you gain a deeper insight into him, the other characters, along with plot twists and really interesting story lines. I definitely recommend Suits if you want to watch something that is gripping and an easy watch.


Now for a feel good series – F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I’m not going to assume everyone has seen it because I know a few people who have never seen it, which to me is ludicrous! How has someone never watched Friends before, I just don’t get it? It’s the ultimate feel-good series to watch: full of humour, romance, friendships and amazing characters! I could bore with tonnes of quotes from the show but I won’t do that, all I can suggest is for you to watch it. Whenever you’re having a down day and need cheering up Friends will do the trick and make everything better again – trust me it has worked for me more times than I can count. You fall in love with all the characters for their individual characteristics and personalities, you get attached to them and become apart of it all!


A little confession – I absolutely love crime dramas. Anything to do with detectives and crimes I love, so now the next few recommendations are all relatively similar but are all individually amazing.

Let’s start with Whitechapel, which follows detectives in Whitechapel dealing with murders that replicate historical crimes. It’s British TV drama and if you haven’t watched it before I urge you to do it now. Don’t watch it on your own though, it is more of a crime thriller unless I’m a complete wimp! Before you get sucked in, ITV decided not to recommission the show after the fourth series which sucks. So I warn you, don’t get too attached to the characters because you will be seriously disappointed!


The most recent show I’ve finished is Broadchurch and it was brilliant. It’s another show that got a lot of attention and I’ve wanted to watch it for a long time. It’s another British crime drama involving a murder of a young boy, over the first season the case unravels and you find out everything. I believe I managed to finish it within 2 weeks, probably one of the most gripping shows I’ve seen in a while. I just wanted to watch episode after episode – definitely well worth the watch. There are three seasons and they are all incredibly gripping, the third season follows a different story, but we still get to see the lives of the old characters.


I could not do a post about my best picks without mentioning Dexter. Yes another crime series, I did warn you. The series centres on Dexter Morgan, a forensic technician who specialises in blood spatter patterns (how fancy!) for the Miami Metro Police Department. The more interesting point is that he leads a secret parallel life as a vigilante serial killer, hunting down murderers who have gotten away with their crimes. Now if I haven’t drawn you in yet I will seriously be surprised. It also has eight seasons, so if you want something that can keep you going for a while Dexter is the one for you.


For a final crime detective series, I recommend True Detective. I’m not sure if many people have heard of this show, but it stars Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson who are both homicide detectives. The season shows the two, over a seventeen-year period, recounting their investigation into a murder case where the perpetrator is still at large. Over the unravelling of the case, we gain an insight into the two detectives personal lives, as well their rusty relationship as detectives. The style of cinematography and the narrative is new, it’s something fresh and unique. Like all the other shows I have mentioned, I do really recommend watching this if you want something deep and thought-provoking.


A more recent discovery for me was Stranger Things, I’m pretty sure everyone who has a Netflix account has heard of this by now and if you haven’t, subscribe to Netflix and get watching! I didn’t really know what to expect with this, I hadn’t read anything or watched any trailers beforehand but I was pleasantly surprised by it. There’s only 8 episodes which frustrated me because I wanted more, I managed to watch it within a week or two so it is a quick-watch. The easiest way I can describe it is a science-fiction / thriller TV series. I don’t want to go into the plot description because I will begin rambling and both you and I will be completely confused. Just head over to Netflix!


“Winter is Coming.” Yep you got it. I HAD to mention Game of Thrones, how could I possibly do a post on the best TV series without mentioning it? If you have never seen it, the only thing I say to you is to go and watch it. When someone explained the plot summary to me I was not interested at all, finally my boyfriend convinced me and I am glad he did. It is probably the best series I have ever watched, both for the narrative and for the visuals. For the narrative we have George R.R. Martin to thank but the cinematography is so beautiful. Since series 1 the budget for the series has evidently increased and you can completely see that in the way it is shot and edited. It is a little confusing to start with there’s a lot to understand and remember, but trust me by season 6 you’ll be fine! If there is one series I recommend out of this post it would have to be Game of Thrones; if you’ve watched it, then all the other series’ I’ve mentioned are just as brilliant and enjoyable.


I feel like I need to apologise for ending with probably the current most spoken about TV series, but as I said at the start: “if they were good I can’t help it!”

I hope you gained some new ideas for what to watch next, I have linked trailers for all the series I mentioned in case you wanted to visually see a summary of it!


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